Lucky Patcher Download Latest v8.5.5

In this article, we are introducing an amazing android app Lucky Patcher, It’s a modifier application that allows unlimited access to apps and games and all the locked features and resources for free. So keep reading the entire article to learn about the app, It features, and how to download and install it on your smartphone.

Are you a fan of playing with your android phone? Which app do you love when it comes to downloading and playing games on your android device? Well, if you really love gaming through your android device, you must have been frustrated by one thing: the premium features or the in-app purchases. Usually, these apps and games have locked features such as characters, levels, and coins, among others. To enjoy the game entirely, three elements must be unlocked.

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But how can you do that? We are going to demonstrate how you can go about this. Have you ever heard of the Lucky Patcher? We will be sharing information about this app and how you can use it to enjoy the premium features in any game without any kind of interruption. So let us begin.

Games and applications have become very popular among android users. Developers keep on launching new games throughout. They want to earn a significant amount of dollars from these apps and games. To achieve their goals, they lock essential features. In many games, you are allowed to unlock these features and resources upon collection of a certain amount of coins and gems. You will be required to either complete missions or get them through in-app purchases.

Unfortunately, it can take you many months trying to unlock the resources through mission completion and collecting of coins. Would you prefer to spend your hard-earned funds to acquire game resources? That would sound absolutely ridiculous. Lucky Patcher is absolutely what you need in this regard.

What is Lucky Patcher?

This is a modifier application that allows unlimited access to games and all the locked features and resources. It contains so many features that you may be looking for. Lucky Patcher is a hacking app that is freely available and will help you significantly when it comes to playing android games.

The app lets you enjoy the game to the full by blocking advertisements, eliminating system apps, modifying applications, circumvent license verification, adjust applications’ permissions, and many others. Even though lucky Patcher may require rooting, there are so many features and tasks that can be executed without root access. Nevertheless, to enjoy the features of this hacking app, you will be required to root your android device. There are so many ways of rooting android devices. Look for effective ways of rooting your gadget on XDA-Developers.

Nowadays, android users find it challenging to modify their games due to many steps that have to be followed when modding the games or applications. In contrast, it is easy to use, and modding requires only a few steps. You can root several games using this app. The following are some examples of lucky patcher games:

Lucky Patcher has been designed in such a way that it bypasses the Google Play system of credit checking. With this feature, you can carry out in-app purchases of the games that you want without spending your hard-earned money. As we mentioned at the outset, the app is not all about modifying games. You can as well deter ads and enjoy playing games with limited or no interruptions.

lucky patcher

The app works entirely on rooted gadgets and android version above 2.3.3. If you are asking yourself about storage, it requires limited space, only 6.5 MB. Interestingly, this is a multi-lingual app, and so individuals can use it irrespective of their languages. You will be to enjoy all the premium features of nearly all the games and applications on your android device. Even though Google perceives it as a virus, but it is not harmful or malicious. It is a very safe modding tool that can be used in any device.

Features of the App

In light of the above, Lucky Patcher is a fantastic app that will let you enjoy all the features that you want. The application is frequently updated suit features of different android devices. We have already mentioned some of its outstanding features in the preceding section. For instance, we have mentioned that it only requires 6.5 MB. But you will be surprised to learn even more exciting features of the app. In this section, we are going to discuss in details the basic features of this app. Let us begin with a common but significant one.

Lucky Patcher deter ads

no ads

How do you always feel whenever those ads appear on your screen while playing or watching? I guess you are still irritated. These ads often interrupt the gameplay, and that is why we often look for ways of dealing with them. With Lucky Patcher, you no longer have to worry about this issue. The app allows eliminating all the irrelevant and unwanted ads altogether. Interestingly, it takes a short time, just a few clicks, and the problem would have been solved completely. Did you know removing ads boosts your gaming experience?

Allows access to limitless coins and gems and other resources

coins and gems

We earlier mentioned how difficult it can be to collect coins and unlock features in the games. You want to enjoy the best features of the games there and then, right? With LP, you can open the coins gems and other essential features of any game. You will be able to play any level that you want. You can as well use the character that you want. Modifying your applications with lucky Patcher also allows you to use any weapon, car, or any other game resource.

Gives access to paid app free of charge

lucky patcher free

There times, when individuals download paid apps at no cost via the web. Nevertheless, they are often unable to lunch such apps due to limitations or license verification. Lucky Patcher mainly features custom patches which can sidestep the verification procedure of nearly all apps. It allows you to enjoy all the premium apps without spending your cash.

Can transform any application to system application


Do you want to keep any app permanently in your android device? Lucky Patcher allows you to change any application into a system app. You can copy the app that you want to the folder of the system, and it will be transformed into a pre-installed app.

Helps one to move applications to the memory card

memory card

Storage issues affect many android users. Lucky Patcher allows you to free up space in your internal storage by transferring some applications to the memory card.

Allows backup of essential file


No one wants to lose their crucial files for whatever reason. Lucky Patcher allows backup of files and applications in an external file. The files can then be imported to your pc or cloud. You can then retrieve the files in a future date from a retrieved location.

Allows for in-app purchases


One of the most outstanding features of Lucky Patcher is that it allows for in-app purchases. This is due to the fact that it sidesteps the billing system of Google, allowing you to purchase premium apps as well as making in-app purchases without spending your cash.

Regulates updates in the installed apps


Generally, Google PlayStore update applications automatically whenever your device is connected to a WI-FI network. Even though there is an option of disabling this feature in the Google PlayStore, several apps often download updates automatically even without the knowledge of the users. With Lucky Patcher, you are able to control the updates of all your applications with ease, just a click is enough. This is a very crucial feature or individuals who use limited mobile data.

Requirements for Installing the App

Before any application is installed, it is good to ensure that your device meets all the requirements of the app. There are some sets of requirements that have to be fulfilled before the app is installed. The functionality of the app will be optimized if these requirements are fully met. The following are the basic requirements for installing lucky Patcher:

  • Rooting of the device. Since Lucky Patcher is a modding tool, it will be necessary for your device to be rooted first before installing the app.
  • As we mentioned at the outset, lucky Patcher works best with the android version above 2.3.3.

In general, these are the basic requirements that will help her to be met for the LP to be installed successfully. Nevertheless, it requires the following permissions from your gadget for it to function correctly:

  • Allow permission to access other apps and adjust system settings
  • Grant permission to have the contents of the SD card to be read.
  • The permission to access, read, or erase the contents of your memory card.
  • Permission to approximate your location.

The Details of APK file

Application NameLucky Patcher APK
Developer NameChelpus
App Version8.5.5
Android Version4.0+
Root RequiredYes | No
Latest UpdateSeptember 2019
Size of file7.5 MB

Download “Lucky Patcher v.8.5.5” Lucky-Patcher-Official-8.5.5.apk – Downloaded 1011 times – 7 MB

How to Install the App on Android?

The developers of Lucky Patcher are coming up with the official installer of the app since many users have had challenges installing it in their android devices. With the official installer, the app will be installed in a matter of seconds. But before then, how can you download and install the app? Well, we would wish to remind you that this is a hacking app and therefore it is not available in Google PlayStore.

Nevertheless, lucky patcher apk download option is available on the above-mentioned link, for installation of the app. Use the following steps:

  • Download the lucky patcher apk from the link above.
  • Usually, your devices are set to reject installation from unknown sources. This means you will have to disable this feature first. Go to phone settings >  security option, you will see allow installation from unknown sources. Click the option.
  • Locate the apk file you just downloaded. Open it and click the install option. The installation will begin instantly. Once it is complete, open the app and give it all the necessary permissions.
  • You will receive a popup about security. Click the security option and then select the option “Allow from this source.” Once you have enabled that, go back.
  • You will get another option for installing the official version of the app. Accept and give it some few seconds.
  • You will be given a warning that it has been deterred by the “Play Protect.” This should not worry you. It is a common thing for play store to do this. Lucky Patcher will allow you to make some free in-app purchases and other essential things. There is an arrow that points down. Click it, and you will see an option to “download anyway.” Click on it.
  • The installation process will begin. Wait until it is complete. This should take only seconds. You will be able to see “app installed” right on your device screen.

If you follow these steps, you will successfully install LP. However, there are cases where users have experienced an error “app not installed” even after following these steps. If you also experience this error, the following steps will help fix it.

  • Go to Google Play and click on the home button. You will see “Play Protect” part.
  • Disable the option “scan device for security threats.”
  • You will receive a warning, just ignore it and press on the “ok” option.
  • Go to lucky patcher apk file and try installing it once again. The error will be successfully fixed.

While the download and install process for the app seems long demanding, it is worth it. This app is going to give you a lot of benefits. Besides, LP has a user-friendly interface, and so you will not have problems using the app. This leads us to the next section of this blog…

How to make in house app purchases using Lucky Patcher?

As we mentioned in the preceding section, lucky Patcher has a very user-friendly interface. Using the app for in-app purchases is among its most outstanding features. So then, how can you make an in-house app purchase using LP? It is straightforward! Use the following steps:

  • Open the app in your rooted android device. On the bottom of the screen, you will see a toolbox with a menu. Select the option “Patch to android.”
  • Choose all the patches displayed on the screen. Wait a little bit as your android device reboot.
  • Select the lucky patcher application and leave it running in the background. Go to the application of the game that you intend to MOD.
  • Go to the shopping menu. Select the in-app purchase you would like to make and press on it. Again, press the buy option.
  • You will see the Patcher’s window with a message, “would you like to have this item for free?’
  • Press yes and you will be able to make a free purchase.

If you follow these steps, you will be able to make a successful in-app purchase using this app. We earlier stated that the developers are designing an official installer of Lucky Patcher. This will make the installation much more straightforward. We look forward to it.

Is Lucky Patcher Safe or Not?

Lucky Patcher is a fantastic application designed primarily to help you access custom patches that circumvent license verification. It prevents developers from taking advantage of you. The question is whether it is safe or not. Well, lucky Patcher is safe. Many people think apps that are not available in Google Play are not safe. This is a wrong assertion. While Google views this app as a virus, it is not harmful or malicious in any way.

Nevertheless, the issue of safety may also be determined by whether or not your device is rooted. You may not experience any problem in case your android device is not rooted. But if it is rooted, it might be risky, especially if you are not well acquainted with LP. In case you are not sure about what a certain function accomplishes, for instance, changing a user app into a system app, avoid clicking. You may cause permanent and irreversible harm to your android device. But in general, LP is a safe app. Also, it is common to experience an error “app not installed.” Follow the steps we earlier discussed to address this issue.

Final Verdict

There are so many exciting applications and intuitive games out there. Many are still coming up. The only problem is that these apps and games often have in-app purchases. To fully enjoy the games, you must unlock these features. While there is a provision the apps, you may take too much time before unlocking one feature. Lucky Patcher allows you to make these in-app purchases without spending even a single coin. In this blog, we have discussed in details the basic features of the app, the requirements for installation as well as the download and installation process. Importantly, we have also illustrated how you can make in-app purchases. The app is totally safe, If you haven’t tried it yet, this is the right time. Give it a try, and you will enjoy each of its features.

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