Lucky Patcher APK (No Root) – Latest 2020 Release

Lucky patcher APK (no root) is an android OS software which can be applied by the owner in re-writing the android application permissions to enable the user to do a host of things on the phone. The app can help purchase a premium account remarkably free of charge and obtain the app purchases such in a case of games.  The apk can be used phones without necessarily rooting your device; however, it works best on a rooted device.

lucky patcher

You can use this application on windows, mac and mobile. It is further suitable for use in many languages. Therefore, you do not need to learn English to run the app.  all the addict gamers agree how this tool is a hot bargain for them, you are able to bypass all the in-app credit requirements. You will end up with that Ferrari in car racing without spending any coins.

Now that you know the background of what this article is about, the next part will seek to enhance your knowledge by highlighting some great features that you will fancy having around you.

What are some enjoyable features of lucky patcher apk?

These are some of the best properties that come with the app that make it so essential and indispensable. They help you to perform all these hacking tricks without breaking a sweat. They include;

  1. Premium access in paid applications

coins and gems

This is one of the most critical hack tricks that make this app so indispensable, the fact that it has the capability to manoeuvre through your to pay account and deliver you a free premium is worth gambling for. If you are operating music stream applications, movies, games etc. then this an app you need to have. For it will unlock your premium account for free.

The app is made in such a way that it can bypass the Google security and app license to grant you permission to access what is not allowed by Google. So that you can purchase what you were not allowed to else you had gems, coins or enough money in your PayPal account to subscribe.

  1. Convert apps to inbuilt apps


Do you love your app so much that you never want to lose it? Would you like to keep your app indefinitely? Then lucky patcher is your solution. This marvel hacker can convert your app to become a system app in that it will be the same as those Google apps that you cannot uninstall because they are inbuilt. You’ll be able to copy the app on the system files and where they will be forever stored.

  1. Change app location


This software helps you to transfer apps stored in the systems internal storage and saves them in the external SD. This will help release the internal storage space, which is used for background processes and for running the apps.  A full RAM causes some apps to misbehave, and others consequently crush.

  1. Excellent at removing Google ads in apps

no ads

Have you been interrupted by some intolerable ads, especially when streaming a movie or playing a game or catching up with your favourite programme online? There’s a permanent solution in this application. You can now do away all those incessant irrelevant ads, just install lucky patcher and follow the procedure – shall be explained further in this article.

  1. Back-up and restore feature


Lucky patcher can help you to back up and retrieve your files with so much ease. The app has a provision for you to be able to save files to the external memory, which then you can transfer to your cloud account. You can connect to any device and retrieve your data whenever you want and anywhere you are.

  1. Access the paid-for apps on the app store

Ever decided to download apps with paid for attachment with them and wondered why they cannot be launched? Well, it’s just a matter of verifying the license. As stated earlier, lucky patcher is able to bypass the app security and change the license verification so that you can access the app without making any payment.

Application NameLucky Patcher APK
Developer NameChelpus
App Version8.5.5
Android Version4.0+
Root RequiredYes | No
Latest UpdateSeptember 2019
Size of file7.5 MB

Downloading and installation of Lucky Patcher APK

  • Download the Lucky Patcher APK, Latest release for 2020 in the button below.
  • Open the file and initiate installation. While the file is installing, you will get a security pop up warning you of the app, just click allow and let the app to install.
  • After installation, you will receive an option to install the official lucky patcher application. Click install and wait.
  • A pop up from Google will emerge, to warn you of a blocked app by Google protect. This is because Google protect defines this app as harmful since it has the capability to do in-app purchases and stop those Google ads that annoy all the time. Ignore and continue.
  • After successful installation, you can now go ahead and enjoy all those fancy features you learned about.

Lucky patcher is capable of;

  • Uninstalling and replacing the play store
  • Applying user preferences on applications by rewiring the app to the user’s specifications.
  • Blocking all Google ads from your devices.
  • Bypassing and getting the in-app purchases from other system apps and games.
  • Rewriting and doing away with license verification from android paid apps.

Download “Lucky Patcher v.8.5.5” Lucky-Patcher-Official-8.5.5.apk – Downloaded 1013 times – 7 MB

So what next after installation?


  • Launch the application on your device.
  • Let the app load the system apps that have a patch available.
  • Tap on the app that you want to apply the patch. For example, live football app.
  • From the menu that appears, select “menu of patches.”
  • Tap on the pop up “create modified apk file.”
  • Choose what patch you want to be applied from the menu that appears, such as “apk without Google ads.”
  • Tap on the button that requires you to rebuild the app at the bottom of the screen.
  • Wait as the patches are being applied.
  • Select the “go to file” tab from the window that appears after the application is finished.
  • Tap on uninstall and install the part.
  • Check ‘Yes” then “Ok.”
  • Install the app again after uninstallation has finished, then continue to enjoy an ad-free live football apk.

The processes for windows are just the same as for android. However, you have to ensure to keep the lucky patcher installed to preserve all the patches you have created on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

These are some of the most asked queries about lucky patcher apk. Go through them and learn one more or two things that could enhance your knowledge on the app.

  • How does the lucky patcher function?

This apk removes the original code and substitutes it with a completely adjusted one. At times the original code is erased to acquire the needed advanced features. In a case where you apply removal of License Verification, the section of the code designed to verify the License of the app is removed.

  • Is this app a trojan?

When Google warns of a potentially harmful application to your phone, it does so to any application that you download from an unknown location. Therefore, you can rest assured that lucky patcher is not a virus. So just ignore this warning from Google and continue using the app.

  • Can IOS users also enjoy lucky patcher?

To manoeuvre and bypass the complicated security system of the IOS, the app needs to u undergo serious updates, so, currently, the app is only available to android users only. And, maybe when extensive improvements are effected on the current app, it may be introduced to IOS users too.

  • Why does the app get frequent updates?

The patches made usually expire and require new rebuilds, this is since games and other file purchases to which the current patches were made for are upgraded frequently. To counter this, the app need also be upgraded.

  • Why can modified play store not open?

If the Google cannot open, the problem might be caused by lack of sufficient storage for the play store, if this is so, then go to the app and clear cache of the app from the system. If this is not the case, then uninstall and download another older version of the app, maybe the device you are using cannot support the app.

  • Is the app unable to apply the customs you are creating?

Lucky patcher makes customizations for apps, it’s not a guarantee that the app will conform to the custom. Some applications or games sometimes cannot be bypassed with lucky patcher, at least not when the device is not rooted.

  • Can lucky patcher bypass all the apps on your device?

As its name suggests, the app works on luck, so basically, the app does not bypass all the apps. This is due to different modes of security encryption used; different ways used to secure payments and different default settings that do not allow modification. Therefore, the patches created may be able to work on some apps and fail on some. If you try harder and you get lucky, then you will get the results you need.

  • Is lucky patcher a secure software?

There has not been any supporting evidence of device damage or virus infection due to lucky patcher despite millions of people using it for quite a while now. Therefore you can rest assured that your phone or computer is not at any risk of spyware from the installation of this software.

  • Is it possible to get this software for free?

Yes, the app is absolutely free. You can obtain this app from the official website without paying anything. In fact, it will help you obtain other paid subscriptions from the apps for free, including games.

  • Can this software be used on an unrooted device?

As earlier stated in this article, this app works perfectly on a rooted device. Still, you can as well use it on unrooted devices, although, it will not work well. It cannot rewrite some licenses on unrooted devices, so, it may not be able to work on some apps which have strict and stubborn securities.

The Bottom Line

Many exciting applications continue to stream out daily, it is almost impossible to know just how many upgrades or new applications have been created on just a single day struck. However, most of these apps are not free for usage. If they are, they have so much bugging Google ads that do not encourage you to use, and they promise you a great experience when you subscribe to their premium services which are free of ads, bugs and have a brilliant experience and even unlimited services. Before giving out your PayPal account details or bank credit or debit cards for deductions, consider having the lucky patcher apk on your device.

Be it a gaming app or a live streaming application, or an educational app, lucky patcher can bypass almost all the security license certificates that control app billings and grant you that premium or in-app purchase for free. The good thing is that this software other than being free, it is supported on all android devices and Windows devices.

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