Download Spotify Premium Free – (Latest Update 2020)

Spotify is a music application that can be installed on any operating system on any electronic gadget– android, mac, windows, ios, etc. the app was designed and developed by the Spotify technology Inc.

Spotify has a dual version. That is, you can use a free version that has music streaming capability without download option and the premium version, which has unlimited streaming with downloads for offline listening.

However, Spotify is not supported in other countries, for there are only a few selected. This is due to privacy protection issues. Well, this is until the latest version of the modified Spotify application was released.

download spotify premium

The new modified app can be downloaded by anyone anywhere and enjoy music like a premium subscriber. In addition to this, you can as well personalize the application and even set it in your language, or whichever you are comfortable with. You can also enjoy a company of friends since it is sharable.

What are the general features of the modified Spotify premium application?

There are a host of features that enhance your session on Spotify. Here are some epic ones.

  • All free.
  • Great user interface.
  • Audio adblocking.
  • Video adblocking.
  • Improved sound technology.
  • Presence of Spotify connect.
  • Ease of app navigation.
  • Low consumption of storage.

1. All Free

Ideally, all free property should apply on the free Spotify account only. Still, with the modified premium, the free feature is universal, and any account holder is able to stream and download music without any limits whatsoever.

2. Great User Interface

Your application user interface is so friendly such that you are guaranteed that you will not experience problems with loading or glitches on the app.

The user interface is also simple; you won’t get lost while navigating through the app.

3. Ads Blocking

If you used the previous Spotify application, then you know how this property can be a winner for you. Ads frequently popped up on your music stream, and you could not stop or cancel them, the new modified application comes with an ad-blocking technology, so you are assured of uninterrupted listening. Therefore, apart from the comfort it enhances, you will also cut your data usage by some margin.

4. Ease of Navigation Options

You are now able to shuffle your playlist, search songs, and seek on a particular song. This property was conspicuously absent it the previous versions. This will further enhance your experience.

5. Low Storage Consumption

The internal storage used by this app is only its size. No extra storage in case of in-app storage is consumed on your device – the app comes with its own storage for the songs downloaded from it.

6. Spotify Connect

This is an app property comes with an option of activation, if you don’t want phone calls to interrupt your music streaming, you simply need to install then connect and activate it.

7. Adblocker for Video Streaming

There’s no worst feeling than an ad you have no business with, interrupting your stream for a whole 30 seconds, and you do not have a way to stop it other than cancel after it has played. This app comes with a modified feature that prevents the ads popping up on your videos.

8. Sound System Technology

The app comes with more improved sound quality, with the users have the freedom to vary according to their own specifications. You can take your sound from low to the extreme in one flick. But the best sound quality can be reached at the speeds of 320kbps.

App properties.

The table below shows some application details of the developer, the size of the app, and the version.

Application NameSpotify Premium
Latest Released03/12/2019
App Version8.5.33.831
Android Version4.0.3 or above.
Size of file33.3 MB

Downloading Spotify Premium

Android Users:

Confirm that your phone has all the phone specifications spelt above. It should have an android version of 4.1 and above and should be able to accommodate a space of 32 MBs of space and also have some extra for running the app in the RAM.

Follow the following steps to install.

  • Hit the Download Button Below to Start Download Spotify APK
  • Install the app by first allowing the installation of apps from unknown sources.
  • Launch the app and grant the app the permissions that are necessary for it to run.
  • Create your user account by providing the details that are required, such as the email and country of residence.
  • You can now go ahead and search and enjoy thousands of music and videos.

Download “Spotify Premium Free v.” Spotify_v8.5.29.828_MOD_appxilo.apk – Downloaded 614 times – 33 MB

IOS Users:

Ensure you have an ios 10.0 and above on iPhone, an iPad, or an iPod.

  • Proceed to download the apk and file it uniquely in the device you are using.
  • Also, download an impactor or a share, preferably a super impactor or a Cydia impactor.
  • Open the two files you have downloaded.
  • Drag the Spotify premium you opened to the impactor file
  • Your apple id is needed at this point.
  • Install your device by accessing the system settings, and go to the android device manager profile, open the apk you installed, and double-check the trust tab.
  • You can now log in and start enjoying the premium Spotify features.

This whole process is meant to get you to install this app without being detected in the apple servers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What happens if your country of residence is not Spotify enabled

Just as earlier stated, this app is exclusive to some countries. It, therefore, means you will not get the dispensation of enjoying what it has to offer if you are in countries that are not supported. However, you can manoeuvre this roadblock by obtaining a suitable VPN from your app store, and again make sure the app you are downloading passes the Google protect parameters for potentially unwanted applications. With VPN, you can easily access Spotify premium by connecting to servers of those countries with the Spotify privilege.

2. Can Spotify operate fine on an external connection?

Spotify is able to work on all connections, be it they are internal or external. You can use Spotify just fine when connected on WiFi, modem, or just the normal cellular data. You have to ensure the speeds are a little more. If your WiFi is shared and your speeds are about 5mbps, then you will be well off sharing with a maximum of 5 or 6 devices to have a good experience. If you exceed this, you may not enjoy the stream so well. However, if you are dedicated to 2mbps, then you are okay with the speeds.

3. What are the chances that my playlist be deleted?

There are absolutely no chances that your playlist be deleted. All the details stored on your Spotify account are kept and can be accessed from any device and from anywhere, even after such a long time.

4. Must you root your phone to support the mod apk?

The latest version of this app is a no-root app, which means for usage, you do not necessarily have to perform a root on your device. Although it operates on both rooted and unrooted devices without any problems.

5. Is there any significant difference between the free and the premium versions of Spotify?

Yes, there is a notable difference in that for the free version, you have to contend with repeated interruptions from the ads, while the premium option has no ads whatsoever. Furthermore, if you are a free subscriber, then you know you do not enjoy all content on Spotify, premium subscribers enjoy a whole lot more, they have unlimited content access. In addition to this, free Spotify users have no music download option on their menu until when they upgrade to the premium.

6. Do we have some fancy apps that can be the alternatives to Spotify?

Spotify is the best or among the best music streaming apps out there. There are other very good apps that do stream music too. Some significant examples include amazon music, Pandora, Saavn, etc.

7. What is the solution to the error to change the country of residence?

This error normally comes about when you registered over a VPN network, so your automatic location was taken to be where the server was connecting to. If you want to remedy this, you need to log in to your account using the website and locate where the change the country of residence is. Write to America or any other country where Spotify is supported.

8. Is it legal to use the free Spotify premium app?

Spotify is a legal application. You can find the legal policies when signing to it. This means it is legal to use this app, the song copyright owners have full knowledge. They are paid their total royalties from the music proceeds that were collected from your payments from the subscriptions of the customers. However, the free Spotify modified premium app is against the terms and policies of Spotify limited. Earlier users were sent emails to upgrade to the legal app, and their accounts were suspended in that regard. However, the modified version developers found a way to reverse this. And consequently, it is back with even better features.

The reason this free premium app is being blocked by the original developer ids because the app does not profit the company.

9. How to bypass the geographical error

If you are getting this error frequently, you need to use a VPN set to the United States since this is where there is full Spotify access.

10. How can one change the password of the Spotify account?

Search the Spotify homepage, and supply your username or email, request a password change. A link shall be sent to your email, use the link or code to change your password. You can then log in on your application and enjoy unlimited music stream.

11. Why are Spotify premium subscription prices higher than on their applications?

Spotify buys a mass of songs from the artistes to upload to its server. This is very expensive since it has to purchase a load of it. It is highly unlikely that you will search a song from Spotify when a premium subscriber and find no result.

But this should really not bother you since this modified free premium provides you with all the subscribers’ privileges without having to pay a dime.

 12. Can one be able to download for offline streaming?

Yes, you can be able to download music and make your playlists for offline streaming. The only secret is that you must have a premium subscriber privilege. This should not be a bother to you, though. This new release mod version gives you all these services completely free from any cost.

13. Is it able to get application updates when installed?

Yes, you are able to do manual updates of Spotify even after you have already downloaded and using the application. Since this mod is not found on Google play or apple store, you have to keep checking for any update if available online. Therefore, for this reason, the app cannot install updates automatically.

The Bottom Line

This guide has furnished you will all the information you needed to decide on using this modified application finally. And for those who had heard about this application, and downloaded it but have been since unable to manoeuvre around the many restrictions like the geographical location, the downloading requirement and many other errors that stem from where you are located and the type of account you are running, then this has been really of help. You can now be able to use your modified version comfortably. With the aid of a VPN, you can stream from anywhere and anytime, as long as you have an internet connection.

If you are automatically logged out, or you are unable to log in, and you do not want to give up on streaming, just clear the app’s data from the settings then apps. You should be able to access your account now.

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